Benefits of Tidal Energy

Tidal power advantages:

Tidal power belongs to renewable energy sources meaning it cannot be depleted unlike fossil fuels. Tidal forces have their origin in the gravitational interaction with the Moon and Sun, meaning that we can harness tidal power as long as Moon and Sun continue to exist.

Tidal power belongs to the most efficient energy sources with an efficiency of approximately 80%. This makes it far better compared to other popular renewable energy sources, solar and wind.

Tides are predictable, and the rise and fall of tides are much more cyclic than random weather patterns. This predictability gives us knowledge when the tides will be in and out.

Harnessing tidal power has positive impact on climate change because it produces no greenhouse gas emissions. Harnessing on a larger scale could even lead to reduced import of foreign fuels and improve our energy security because we wouldn’t have to rely so much on expensive foreign fuel import to satisfy our growing energy demand.

Barriers and small dams used to harness tidal power could protect coastal areas or ship ports from dangerous tides during a stormy weather