Mitigation Factors

Investment in standard of living with locals as partners and not beneficiaries

  • Employment of locals
  • Provision of basic social amenities – schools, health centre, recreational facility, good water source.
  • Training in alternative sources of livelihoods
  • Compensation
  • Other infrastructural developments


Employment of locals: We will identify and give opportunity to locals to be trained for placement in suitable positions within the operations of TC’s Energy. This will promote co – existence with locals and prevent tension due to loss of original livelihoods.

Basic amenities: This will be provided according to needs of the people. There will be no imposition of assumed projects. The choice of specific projects to be decided upon in consultation with community members with long term benefits and sustainability of such projects as priority.

Schools to be provided will be basic to the JHS level. In doing this some of the locals with interest in teaching will be supported to enroll in teacher training colleges.

Basic health centre to cater for basic health needs of the people. In this case locals will be identified, supported and trained in health related subjects to assist in the health centre.

Healthy lifestyle of the people to be taken into consideration and as such a simple recreational centre will be provided to serve as a rallying point for co-existence of both TC Energy and locals. Facilities to include parks and gardens, play grounds for variety of sporting activities, this will promote harmony with local community

Alternative training: Free entrepreneurship training to be provided for youth who will show interest in such alternative sources of livelihoods. This will enhance their entrepreneurship abilities and promote small businesses which will intend open and grow up the local economy. This will help keep idle hands and minds busy aside the fact that it will enhance employment opportunities in the community

Compensation in respect of sited farm lands to be taken up directly by TC Energy. This will be both cash and improved seeds and equipments to assist locals who have lost farm lands to relocate easily and continue with farming activities.

Basic infrastructural developments such as feeder roads from new farm lands, schools and other amenities to be provided to ease movement of people. Initial solar powered street lights to be sited along such roads to light up areas at night.

To ensure sustainability of these amenities to be provided, it will be jointly owned and operated by TC Energy and the local community. Where applicable, locals will be charged some token for usage of some of the facilities. Such funds will be managed for the purpose of maintaining such facilities.