Project Description

Ocean Energy is emerging as a key technology with the potential to make significant contribution to power generation with minimal environmental impact. An in-depth study into the viability and operations for the Sea Wave Energy in Ghana was conducted at Ada Foah in the Greater Accra Region by the Management of TC’s Energy Limited and 3 Experts from Ecuador.   The analysis of the wave technology and economic feasibility revealed that there is sufficient wave energy in the current identified location to generate power using submerged surge technology at a cost lower than the conventional generating methodologies in use currently in Ghana with little or no environmental impact to human livelihood, fish and water creatures.

The study of Sea Wave Power Technology has   been very difficult since the 1970’s.because the sea wave are present in the ocean surface since the creation of the world, sea wave power are present on shore (the beach, the -break sea wave human constructions like ports) and there are sea wave power in the surface of the ocean in shore technology, even under the surface the, sea wave power is more stronger than, surface power. Tidal Wave Energy technologies have 3 ways of implementation.

  • In shore, in ports and natural break sea wave
  • Off shore, in the surfaces of the ocean
  • Of shore, under the surface in special beach